Why do flowers cost so much???

Have you ever stopped and wondered why flowers cost so much? When I ventured into the world of wedding planning, there were many things that I learned along the way. One aspect of weddings that brings excitement are the flowers.  Flowers can be the element that sets the tone of your special day and gives your guests an insight into your style. So why do they cost so much??  As we all are aware, many couples  are not keen on the expenses of their wedding day.

I always stress budget management with my clients. Determine where and how you  want to spend your money.  Let’s face it…. Flowers are  very expensive, considering all the aspects where flowers are used.  Bridal bouquets, boutonnieres , corsages, altar arrangements, and the many centerpieces for the reception, can all add up very quickly. When picking your flowers, always consider the season of your wedding and what flowers are in season. Choosing a flower that is not in season, is sure to be more expensive that when it is in prime season.  Flowers that have a short prime season and high demand carry a hefty price as well. When trying to make a specific look, consider a less expensive flower as a filler. This can cut your cost tremendously and still give you the look that you want.

The Importance of Etiquette For Your Special Day

Research your florists  and know that where there is stiff competition, there is not much room to budge in pricing.  Any flower can be obtained for your special day, but understand that what is not in season will have to be purchased from a forced  greenhouse. This is where your price begins to climb.  Most florists, if not all charge by the stem. An average large floral centerpiece can cost anywhere in the range of $150-$300 per centerpiece.  Considering the amount of guest tables for your reception, this can be a very expensive element.

So when you are planning your special day, always remember……RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH!!! It will save you money and heartache in the end.

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