Wedding Day Tip-The Art of Bustling

Many Brides struggle with the task of bustling their bridal gown. Bustling is a creative way of making the dress look fuller and  protecting your dress from people stepping on it or even you tripping  over it. Bustling dresses are an art form that was created back in the 19th century.  As times and fashions have changed, bustling dresses have  been mainly reserved for wedding dresses. Bustling comes in  different styles, so brides-to-be should first determine what bustling style will work for their style of dress. Dressmakers do not design bustles, only seamstresses/alternation specialists apply the bustle during the fittings of the dress.  Bustles can be done under the dress or on the outside of the dress. There is the traditional bustle or the French bustle, both which have considerable differences.  Traditional bustles are done on the underside of the dress and allows the dress hem to be off the floor. The French bustle allows for the ties/hooks to be placed higher on the underside of the dress. An over bustle allows for the ties/hooks to be placed on the outside of the dress.

Regardless of your chosen bustle style, you should decide who you want to assist in bustling your dress on your wedding day. The last thing you want to have to deal with is who will bustle your dress.  Stay tuned for our next weekly  ” Wedding Day Tip”.