Trust Your Wedding Coordinator!!!

As we enter into the wedding season, I am often asked what can I do to make things easier?  As an event planner, it is my job to ensure that my client’s day is as seamless as possible.  While there is NEVER a perfect day, rest assure  that we are there to make it as close to perfect as possible. Trusting your Wedding Coordinator will make the process go smoothly and the result will be positive. By  trusting your coordinator, you are handing them the reigns to your day. Give us your ideas and wishes; it is our job to  create your vision. If your find yourself  stepping in and constantly repeating decisions, then perhaps you may not have fully  relayed your ideas. Do your  research!!!  Quality is the key, not quantity.  Cheap is not always the best and I am firm believer in you get what you pay for. While we all are trying to save a dime, cheap is not always the way to go.  As you are researching you will find there are many different planners and the thought is that we all do the same thing. While on the surface that may appear to be true, every  planner/coordinator is different in their own way.  It is up to you to determine who will fit your style and accommodate your needs. Ensure that whoever you hire to handle your day, they are the right one for you.

By placing your trust in your  coordinator, not only are you letting them do their job, but your also relieving yourself of undo stress on your special day.  So relax…..Leave the planning and coordinating to us.

Until Next Time………

Everyone Needs a Mentor.