Well I have made the transition to moving my blog to my website. You can consider this a test post, or you can look back through the past year and see how we have grown.  I take pride in my business and I  treat it as if it were my child. This is my baby, I have built it from the ground up and everyday I am learning something new. There are so many avenues that I can take with this business and I am constantly thinking of new ways to incorporate new ideas in order to make this a successful company.  As an event planner, I am constantly asked about trends,styles, and what is the best way to make an event and extraordinary thing.  It is my goal to give my all to each and every client and to every event.  As we venture into 2013, they are many things that I have to look forward to. I look forward to great brides,  great corporate clients, beautiful Quinceañeras, and building my brand.

So stay tune for great things from Epiphany Events!!!   Without a dream, you have no forecast.