The Etiquette of RSVP Cards

You are engaged and you have set the date. Now it is time to consider the invitations. There are important elements such as the style, the color, the font, postage costs and how many you need, that will set the tone of your wedding day. The one thing that many brides tend to forget  while selecting their invitations, is the “friendliness” of the RSVP Card.  The RSVP Card has many uses. It aids in the total of your guest count, which also aids in the meal counts and helps to track your budget.   It is a good idea when designing your invitations,  to have your personal wedding planner with you to assist in the selection. The RSVP card should be structured in a way that makes it easy for  you and your planner to track your guest counts as well as meal choices if your reception dinner will be a “plated dinner” service. If your reception meal will be a buffet, then the style of the RSVP card  as a simple  “Accept or Decline”  with a place for your guests’ names is sufficient and should accommodate you and your planner’s needs. Regardless of the type of meal you are having, it helps to have a place to list guests ( by name, initials,  or amount) of who will be attending, as well as who is declining.  Adding a number to  the back of  the RSVP card will also aid in the accountability of  your guests  and your guest lists for seating charts. Each guest can be annotated with the corresponding number on your tracking spreadsheet. When RSVPs are returned, it will be much easier to account for all of your invited guests.

There are many styles of RSVP cards that can be used for formal weddings and casual weddings. Working with a professional stationer can guarantee you  a beautiful  and useful product that will be able to accommodate your planning needs. Remembering these small details will make things less stressful when it comes to  tracking guests. Stay tuned for our next blog update when we discuss “Indecisiveness in Your Planning Efforts”.

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