Saying ‘I Do’ to the Right Wedding Planner

You have the man. You have the ring. But do you have the right wedding planner? A wedding planner can serve as a vital asset of your wedding planning team. Not only do they bring expertise and experience to your event, but they can take much worry off of your plate and ensure that your big day runs as smoothly as possible. As with any industry, though, there are many in the field, some of whom do not have your best interests at heart. Rather than waste your money, time, and emotions on a failed wedding planning relationship, consider the following attributes to assure you are saying “I do” to the right event planner.

1. The Budget

One of the first items of business that you should discuss with your wedding planner is how much her or his services will be. This question needs to be dealt with for a variety of reasons. First, it will ensure that you do not fall in love with a planner that is simply out of your budget range at this time. It will also allow you to weigh cost versus benefit as they discuss their approach to the wedding with you. Have an idea of what you would be willing to spend but also assess this portion of your budget with knowledge of how much benefit a quality planner can bring to your event. This is important in your overall cost-benefit analysis and will help to ensure that you get the best quality for your budget.

2. Share Your Vision

Another item that you want to discuss with your wedding planner (or potential planner) is what you want the wedding to be. Share your vision and ideas to give a big picture perspective. The details can be worked out later as to how you will accomplish this goal, but it is important that your wedding planner is on board from the start. If a planner has doubts or disagrees with your overall goal of your wedding, then, it may mean that they are simply not the right guy or gal for the job.

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3. Experience and Expertise

Another must do when you speak with a wedding planner is to ask for their qualifications. While first-time planners are capable, expertise and experience are invaluable. Ask about their qualifications and how many events they have done. Discuss how large you want your wedding to be and inquire about their familiarity with an event that size. Doing this bit of homework and research with the individual will help you to decide if the wedding planner you are potentially hiring has the experience that you desire or if someone else would be better suited for your special event.

4. The Past

Though your event may be a vision you think only unique to you, the basics of event planning are not going to vary greatly from other events in the past. For that reason, it is important that you do your own research not on the types of events and qualifications of the wedding planner you are interviewing, per say, but on their clientele relationships. Ask for referrals from the planner and seek out some on your own. The time that you take in researching and learning could pay dividends on the backend. Just as with your husband-to-be, taking your time to pick out the right wedding planner is important to a smooth and happy day.