Moving Forward

It’s that time to post about the great things of Epiphany Events, Event Management and Planning,LLC.  Our Corporate Division is in full swing and the rebranding of this particular division is complete.  I have to say that I learned a lot about the rebranding process.  I can humbly say that I chose a logo that defines my style and personality, as well as that of my company. The new corporate website is completed and the look is unique.


The ongoing project of the DIY Seminar is coming together very well. We have secured 4 great vendors that I personally think will be a great fit for this Seminar. The goal of the DIY Seminar, is to educate potential  brides on what it REALLY takes to plan a wedding. In previous blog posts, I have eluded to certain topics that are  very important when it comes to wedding planning, but the seminar will be  the icing on the cake when it comes to educating brides. When I first started  this business, my goal was and still is to develop not only an event planning company, but an educational source as well. So, the DIY Seminar is now an element of Epiphany Events, Event Management and Planning, LLC. Have I been busy??? YES!!! But I am thankful and blessed for all the things that are taking place.


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