Inspiration Boards and Planning Your Special Day

So when you finally get that ring and it is on your finger, the ideas immediately start running through your head.  What will your colors be, what will you wear, what type of shoes will you wear, what will your groom wear??  While all these ideas are taking up space in your head, there should be a place where you can unleash your ideas and put them in visual form. Inspiration Boards are a great tool that can aid in the planning of your special day. You can have one board or more in order to capture your ideas. Many wedding planners use inspiration boards to aid in the design concept for their clients. Inspiration Boards also provide a visual insight to what you want your day to look like. Now it may not be an exact replica, but inspiration boards can aid in the process of getting your desired ideas as close as possible.  Inspiration boards are not just used for weddings, they can be used for any project.

As we advance in the technological age, many people have resulted in the latest craze called Pinterest. Pinterest is a place where you can create your own inspiration board on just about any topic. As an Event Planner, I find myself using Pinterest as a place to gather ideas for my clients and as a stress reliever sometimes LOL. When planning any special event, creating an Inspiration Board to help guide you in the design process is one of the most unique way to capture your ideas and make them realistic.

Black and Pink Inspiration


So when you start  your planning, consider creating an inspiration board. You can’t go wrong with putting your ideas into visual form. Please feel free to view my Pinterest wall and see the many things that I have come up with. You can even see some of my past client’s wedding ideas.

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