Choosing The Right Colors For Your Wedding Day

As wedding season rapidly approaches, one of the most important concepts for your wedding/reception is your color palette. Most people tend to go to their favorite color as the first step in choosing their color palette. Is that always right?  There is no right answer, but it is a great start. When incorporating color, always consider the season you are getting married in. This can definitely help you with choosing the right color palette.  There are certain colors that define a season, such as pastels for Spring and bright colors for Summer.  Certain colors such as red, blue and purple, have the ability to look elegant all year. Silver and gold can be used effectively throughout the year as well; however they are more prevalent during the Fall/Winter seasons as base colors for palettes.  If you should decide that silver or gold are your colors, consider using  them as accent colors  to a base color in your palette. They always add a touch of elegance and class to any event.


The theme of your wedding can often aid in the selection as well.   When I think vintage, I often think of soft pinks, ivories and beige; however a period them such as the “Roaring 20’s” offers bright vibrant colors. So whether you are shabby chic, vintage, modern, country chic, or just plain classic, the theme of your wedding will definitely set the tone of your wedding. Your theme and color palette is the starting point for everything that will follow in your special day. The small details of your wedding will be defined by your chosen color palette and will give your guests an insight into your personal style. Using bold colors will add “pop” to any color palette, yet still maintain a sense of elegance.

There are many tools to help when picking your color palettes. For my clients, I often use  Pantone, or The Perfect Palette. Both of these sites can give you the right tools to select the perfect color palette for your wedding and reception.  By creating an inspiration board for my clients, I am able to project their chosen color palette into a visual aid where they can see their colors in use.  Remember, it is your day and there is no “wrong or right way” when it comes to what colors work best together.  Having the right tools to help you with your choice does make it easier.


Until Next Time………

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