All The Fine Details……..

As an Event Planner, I am often asked is it really worth the money to have all the small details for a wedding. I never offer my opinion, because what I like is most definitely not always what the bride and groom prefer. I am a firm believer that every bride is different and they all have different tastes. The fine details can be grand, or they can be subtle . These fine details can often times set the tone for a wedding/reception, and depending on your budget , you can make this a great bridal party task or have them professionally done. I consider the “fine details”  as  the little things  that add that personal touch to a wedding. Wedding favors, the unique cake topper, the beautiful guest book and pen set, or even the monogrammed aisle runner, are great examples of the “fine details”. Now there are many items that are classified as ” fine details”, and I will not name them all. It can differ with each bride, and each bride dictates how much of the “fine details” she wants to have in her special day. Personally, I believe there can always be  some sort of personalization to every wedding. It breaks the mold of the cookie cutter wedding, and  it also give your guests an insight into your style as a couple.


As a planner, I do offer advice to my clients when it comes to budgeting. Incorporating these “fine details” into your special day , does need managing within  your budget . Ultimately it all boils down to what ” YOU” want to happen on your special day. Decide what is most important to you and your new spouse.  For some it is the photos,  or food and beverage. For some it is the  “Wow” factor.  Whatever your choice , focus on what you both want.  Be sure to  include you future spouse’s ideas as well.  At the end of the day, the wedding and reception is such a small part of what will be the rest of your lives.    So in the end, choose your “fine details” wisely.  Make it your day, and a day to remember.

Until Next Time……….

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