A New Look.

As  you know, I have been going through a rebranding process. Well I am happy to say that as of this moment, the process is complete. I have a brand new logo and a totally new website. I am so happy and humbled, to have something that represents me and my style. I wanted something that was unique to me and my vision. I can honestly say that this is all me.  Sleek and clean was the look that I wanted to capture and with the help of  www.facebook.com/weddingeventpros for taking my vision and creating  my new logo design and website.  When I started this business, I found ways that worked for the initial launch. Now here I am , a little over a year later and can honestly say, I have grown .  Rebranding is a process that gives you your unique presence and I do believe that I have that unique presence.

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