A Break Away From The Norm……

For our “Weekly Wedding Tip” this week, I thought I would break away from my normal chatter about weddings.  This week I want to talk about a project that has become near and dear to my heart.  This past January, I was approached by  a local non-profit organization to collaborate on an event that they are having.   I was immediately intrigued by this organization because it was something so unique.  A young lady at the age of 16 years old started a local magazine that is geared towards the empowerment and  uplifting of young girls. Love Girls Magazine was created to show young girls that they can be anything and do anything they put their minds to. Now this is no ordinary “LOVE”, the word LOVE is an acronym that stands for “LEAD-OVERCOME-VALUE-EMPOWER”.   This is an organization where young girls can come together and create a unique experience for other young girls to be a part of. I can say with extreme honesty that at the age of 16, I was certainly not thinking about starting a magazine LOL.


This April, LOVE Girls Magazine will be having their annual  “Love  Awards-A Purple Carpet Event” and I am truly humbled and honored to be a vital part in the planning of this event. Not only will this event recognize young girls in the community for their accomplishments, but it brings attention to self empowerment. We as adults and a community must instill values and self worthiness in our younger generation. As a woman, I know that I would not be where I am if it weren’t for others telling me that I have the power to be  and do anything . My mother was very instrumental in letting me know that I have the power. My grandmothers, my Auntie and many naysayers were instrumental in the elevation of ME.  So with that being said, I want to personally give a shout out to Jasmine Babers, Founder and Editor of Love Girls Magazine. You  are amazing.  Keep striving to be the best you can be and know that you have community support behind you.

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